Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do products take to long to ship?

A: No, products that ship from the U.S. usually ship in 4-13 day. Products that ship from China may take between 2-6 weeks to ship. Though shipping is sometimes quicker for U.S. and China. 


Q: How can I get tracking for my package?

A: All products are shipped with tracking information. There are no extra steps are additional costs required.


Q: Is there a full touch screen watch?

A: Yes, you can operate the watch like a mobile phone.


Q: I want to know the material and hardness of the screens.

A: Hello, some screens is equipped with the tempered glass, 6H professional testing hardness.


Q: How is fitness tracker waterproof?

A: Waterproof grade IP68 is standard, it is completely dust-proof, no gaps in the case, dust can not enter. And at room temperature, 1.5M deep water will not affect the product.


Q: Will they work with iphones?

A: Most trackers requires iOS 9.0 or above / Android 4.4 or above, Bluetooth 4.0 (Smart-phone only, not for PC, iPad or Tablet).


Q: When i get a call it shows on my watch. can i answer it from my watch and talk from my watch? or do i need my phone??

A: Yes, with a Bluetooth Smart Watch Phone you can answer and make calls. Fitness Smart Watches will remind you of the calls, and notifications from Apps, but you can not answer it by the watch.


Q: How does the sleep and music mode work?

A: The sleep monitor will automatic monitoring your sleep quality at night, and you can check the date on your phone or on the watch.

For the music mode, you only need to long press enter the music mode, which can switch song and stop playing etc.


Q: How's the accuracy for taking heart rate?

A: Pretty good. No complaints. Just make sure the band is not loose.


Q: Quality of blood pressure measurements?

A: Like all blood pressure smart bracelet, the accuracy is affected by your personal information setting and calculated according to your real time heart rate, the measurements may not be accurate 100%. it is for reference only, and not for any medical use basis.


Q: How many messages does it store?

A: It depends, some show mostly all, and low storage versions will only hold the latest three messages.


Q: Can it show whole message? or how many characters-letters?

A: Most can show at least 90 characters.


Q: How long can the battery last?

A: Normal use time is about 10 days. Standby time is 60 days.


Q: Does it have analog watch like screen, or only digital?

A: The screens can be customized, many have both, but don't have an analog watch like screen. Thank you.


Q: How do I set the smart watch to correct the date and time?

A: The smart watch will self-synchronize your phone date and time. You only need to connect your phone by Bluetooth.


Q: May I use without a smart phone, and no sim card?

A: You can use it without a smart-phone, but you can't receive calls and message alerts. Because this feature requires Bluetooth to connect to the phone to work.



*The waterproof grade smart watch is suitable for everyday use, splash/rain resistant, swimming, not suitable for hot bathing, snorkeling diving for a long time.